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Intercultural Competences

Clients  Johanniter-Akademie Berlin & IQ Netzwerk Brandenburg

Sven Blatt

Sven Blatt

Head of Johanniter Academy

"With the influx of refugee 2015, we had to overcome new challenges.  DARE consulting supported and developed wonderfully the concept for  intercultural trainings for our staff, working with refugees. The  development, the organisation and the implementation of the training  modules was excellent and all participants were highly thankful towards  DARE consulting for the improvement of their intercultural  understanding. The learned knowledge enabled our staff to work more  productive and having less conflicts."


During the last three years DARE consulting was mandated by the following two clients to improve their area of Intercultural Competencies:

The Johanniter Academy was looking for a training concept for their employees working with refugees. The training concept designed by DARE consulting was called "basic qualification" and had to be flexible to the needs of all employees and adoptable to their background.

The needed training concept had to be based on different modules along the following subjects: basic knowledge on asylum- and refugee rights, country specifics and intercultural communication and conflict prevention.

The IQ Network Brandenburg established an Information Center for Employers (based as project within bbw-Ostbrandenburg GmbH FFO), with the aim to promote a culture of welcome and appreciation towards intercultural competences to enable foreign employees the be better integrated within SME, chambers and associations.

On one hand, with the demographic change, companies are looking for alternatives to secure skilled labour. On the other hand, the number of people with a migration background in Brandenburg is increasing continuously and will continue to grow in the future. However, the integration of people with a migrant background into labour market is not yet a matter of fact because of the lack of experience companies have.

The Network "Integration through Qualification (IQ)" is funded using resources from the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) and the European Social Fund (ESF).


Along the above mentioned areas, the following tasks were conducted:

Johanniter-Basic Qualification Training

  • Development of a new training concept with modules focusing the subjects asylum- & refugee rights, specific country knowledge, intercultural communication and conflict prevention
  • Establishing an active trainer-pool
  • Conducting and evaluating the training

IQ Network Brandenburg - Information Center for Employers

  • Preparing companies for the integration of foreign employees to make hiring and retention processes as smooth as possible and to maximize the benefits of intercultural competencies for business success
  • Telephone, e-mail and on-site advice on recruiting and integration employees with a migration or refugee background as well as identifying qualification requirements in the area of intercultural personnel development and diversity management
  • Demand-oriented training courses in various formats (in-house, open, industry-specific) on the following subject areas:
    • Intercultural competence, communication and conflict resolution
    • Intercultural personnel management and corporate communications
    • Intercultural qualification for trainers
    • Multilingualism in the company - handling and use
    • Recruitment of foreign employees and trainees
    • Variety in the chamber area
  • Information events on the recruitment and labour markt integration of employees with migration- and refugee background


After the conduction of the tasks the following results could be successfully achieved:

Johanniter-Basic Qualification Training

  • A training concept - with all modules, practical examples and documentation for immediate implementation
  • Well-developed pool of trainers to carry out further education nationwide
  • Successfully completed basic qualifications trainings nationwide
  • Customization options based on the training evaluations

IQ Network Brandenburg - Information Center for Employers

  • Successful and goal-oriented implementation of the Information Center for Employers
  • Successful, evaluated, carrying out more than 22 intercultural trainings per year
  • Over 40 telephone, email or on-site consultations of Brandenburg SMEs per year
  • Systemic organizational consulting of ODERGLAS Müllrose
  • Moderate min. 6 conferences, events and networking meetings per year in Brandenburg